Take 10: Numbers Puzzle

Take Ten, the sliding number puzzles game for kids and adults. Solve simple number puzzles while training your brain and patience. It is so fun and challenging. Train harder to top the high-score. Download and enjoy!

Puzzle | Simple Maths | Casual

About the game

Take 10 is a new fun to play numbers puzzle solving game. You will train your basic math skills and improve you memory in a fun easy to learn puzzle game. These numbers puzzles will help you to train your brain and will be a great time killer. Kids and adults love this addicting game that will keep you entertained for months. How many dices and numbers can you solve by counting to ten? Train harder to top the world’s high scores!

– Take Ten will entertain you for hours, again and again!
– Take Ten can train your mathematical thinking and memory skills
– Take Ten is the most relaxing mind training count to solve puzzle app
– Solve easy and complex counting tasks
– Strategical thinking is needed to solve all blocks
– How to solve? Count all dices till you get to number 10
– Why don´t you count a few dices before you go to sleep?

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